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Taking time out, is a pleasure and necessity for all.  See what other guests have written about their stay at Sebright Farm Cottage.

“…just wanted to say thanks for what was a fantastic holiday at the cottage.”
P. Roberts,
, Richmond.

“It was great to have all the family together in the cottage for 2 days for my daughter’s wedding.”
Adrian Scofield. St Albans.

"Mary, myself and the kids had a great vacation at the cottage. We loved spending time in the beautiful English countryside as much as we did our days out in London. We’ll be back! Thank you!”
Tom Densmore, Texas, US.

“I will never forget getting ready for my big day in Sebright Cottage, mum and dad loved it too. I will recommend you to my friends”
Emily S, London.

'The welcome was great - roaring open fire, goodies in the kitchen - and we loved the farm animals'
T Hadden, Glasgow.

'Natalie and Jane won't stop talking about the fun they had on the farm, especially collecting the eggs from the chickens - that made it an even better holiday for us parents'. Sarah Wragg, Leeds.

“We had a brilliant bank holiday weekend exploring the Hertfordshire and Chiltern Way. Sorry we lost the Sebright Cottage Explorer Map :-) ”
Michael Knowles,

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